Repos/Grand Repos

DesignerAntonio Citterios

Kort Beskrivelse

Repos er en fantastisk ny lenestol fra Vitra. Ekstremt komfortabel - ekstremt elegant. Et av Antonio Citterios beste design!


Høyde: 109,5 cm (sitte-høyde: 41 cm),
Bredde: 74cm
Dybde: 81 cm


Formstøpt polyurethane skum med plastic ramme.
Kryssfot i polert aluminium, svingbar.
Nakkepute med dunfyll.
Regulerbar rygg


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Om Antonio Citterio

Antonio Citterio, born 1950 in Meda, Italy, studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. In 1972 he began work as a designer and consultant in the field of industrial design, before joining Terry Dwan as a partner at Studio Citterio/Dwan from 1987 96.

He held a teaching position at the Domus Academy in Milan from 1990-92 and was an external examiner for the Furniture Design course at the Royal College of London from 1993-95, before becoming a docent at La Sapienza University in Rome in 1997.

Together with Patricia Viel, he founded the multidisciplinary office Antonio Citterio and Partners in Milan in 1999, and from 1999 to 2002 he also taught on the architectural faculty at the Università della Svizzera Italiana. He resumed a position on the faculty of this university in 2006.

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